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New Delhi, India (Apr 18, 2007): SEM Champs, a recently launched Search Engine Marketing education game by OM Careers is a unique, fun and interactive way to learn search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is considered the most effective forms of online marketing available today. The growth in the SEM industry over the last couple of years is testimony to the increasing acceptance and penetration of the search engine marketing in the business world. However, the future of the industry lies in the hands of the search engine marketing professionals who are the engine of this new wave of marketing. Their success in turn depends upon the quality of the skills they possess about this dynamic and yet to be matured industry.

To empower SEM professionals in their careers and to support them in acquiring necessary skills, OM Careers is proud to launch SEM Champs, a search engine marketing educational game. SEM Champs introduces fun way to learn search engine marketing. "Acquiring search engine marketing skills need not be struggle and pain. Indeed, it can be fun and interesting." says Pradeep Chopra, the founder of OM Careers and the man behind the SEM Champs concept.

SEM Champs is aimed at both current and budding search engine marketing professionals. The game supports SEM professionals to assess their skills in various disciplines of search engine marketing such as SEO, PPC and Web Analytics. A player is presented with a series of questions. With each correct the attempt the player gets a question of higher difficultly level.

What make the game interesting are the audio-visual effects of the player performance. With each correct attempt, the player sees himself moving up the ladder which consists of various search engine logos with Google at the top followed by Yahoo and MSN, representing the importance of various search engines. The game also uses the appropriate sounds symbolizing the success or failure of the player in each of his attempt. The player gets to see his comprehensive performance report and can play multiple numbers of games. The player's reports are saved in his account and can be viewed later.

SEM Champs is a new entry to the bouquet of career building opportunities such as SEM Quiz, SEM Careers Articles and SEM Interview Questions at OM Careers. If you are really serious and committed to create a successful career in the search engine marketing industry, OM Careers is the place for you. Be the part of this growing SEM careers community and see yourself growing along with thousands of other budding search engine marketing professionals.

About OM Careers

OM Careers is the world's first SEM careers community for search engine marketing professionals to help them grow and be successful in their careers. Through its innovative, fun and interactive ways, OM Careers enables SEM professionals to assess their search engine marketing skills and empower them in acquiring new skills. Its key offerings include SEM Quiz, SEM Game, SEM Interview, SEM Careers Blog and SEM Careers Articles sections.


  • SEM Careers Articles Section Launched (Mar 21, 2007)

    New Delhi , India (Mar 21, 2007): Today, search is the second most commonly used application on the internet with around 8 billion searches every month. The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry has shown phenomenal growth last year. According to a survey by SEMPO, in US alone, around $10 billion were spent on Search Marketing in 2006.

    The demand for search engine marketing professionals has grown accordingly. A career in search engine marketing is a highly lucrative career today. For instance, SEM professionals, depending upon the job role and years of experience, typically earn between US$ 30,000 to US$ 250,000 per annum in US. However, the supply for trained and experienced SEM professionals is limited. This gap between demand and supply of SEM professionals has created huge opportunity for budding Search Marketing professionals to jump into the space and be a part of this Internet Marketing revolution. To bridge this gap, the industry needs to create enormous avenues for training and development for existing and budding SEM professionals.

    Given that the industry is still new and lacks any standards, it is very critical and at the same time challenging for SEM professionals to stay abreast of the latest and best search engine marketing practices. To attract a new stream of professionals into search engine marketing, the industry needs to educate them about the potential opportunities, the kinds of skill sets they require, the kind of salary they can earn and the resources for learning and employment. OM Careers is proud to release the SEM Careers Articles section to support new and existing search marketing professionals deal with the above mentioned challenges and build a successful career in the search engine marketing industry. Through a series of Articles and White Papers, OM Careers plans to create a strong knowledge base about SEM careers.

    'Guide to a Successful Career in Search Engine Marketing', a white paper on SEM careers, authored by Pradeep Chopra, the founder of the OM Careers, is the first in the series of articles and white papers on SEM careers. This white paper is aimed at attracting new professionals to the SEM industry and empowering current professionals in their career. OM Careers plans to continue taking new initiatives to inspire SEM professionals.

    Also, check SEM Careers Blog if you are looking at building a successful career in Search Engine Marketing.

  • OM Careers Quiz Updated (Mar 5, 2007)

    New Delhi, India (Mar 5, 2007): Following the success of first launch of SEM Quiz, OM Careers is pleased to announce that its quiz is updated with highly exhaustive explanations for each and every question.

    The new version of the quiz now offers even higher value to its takers. It not only will help SEM professionals assess their skills but also it will help them learn various SEM concepts.