What would Social Media be in 2009

Social Media cloud

Social Media cloud

Social Media, blogs, twitter, mashups….the year 2008 has been all action and Action and more INNOVATIVE Action!!

Things have changed in a way which have certainly created new offerings, newer business models, personal branding are amongst the BUZZzzzz today!

Great is we have all this!! Let me now come straight to the point!

  1. There are Social Mediums
    • Blogs
    • Slideshare
    • YouTube
    • Ning
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  2. There is content
    • There are videos
    • There are presentations

There is all this and MORE. Things have moved really fast in the past year. 2008 has been an year full of action, the coming year 2009, is according to me the ‘Year of Consolidation‘!!

YES! I have met so many people both online and offline saying that lets connect here, lets connect there. but what happens post connecting! There have been great stories of people making lots of money on the Social platforms. We are all amazed at how one can be a millionaire on YouTube!!

So I have put on my thinking hats!!

The question now is what NEXT? After you have been bombarded with content all around, you have flying social media tags and clouds, how do you recognize the silver lining within?

Where does all this content lead to? Isnt’ it leading to finding the needle from the hay? Isnt’ it all becoming too much?

Well, I would say YES and NO!

2009 would be the year of Consolidation!!

Yes you have it! With economies all around in bad shape, I feel there would definitely be some more innovations around which would follow on from 2008. But the year would sound and spell CONSOLIDATION.

I know of people across the globe through a popular professional social networking channel, who are doing probably the similar work as many of their counterparts in India (like us). And all these people are looking towards gaining the first movers advantage in defining a solid offering into Social Media.

The question I ask are:

  1. How do you assess the worth of a Social Media channel for your clients
    • On the basis of clients’ business
      • Do you have statistics to prove why would a channel work in a certain case and why not in the other?
    • On the basis of the Social Media channel
      • How do you justify a Social Media channel as being more for a client and less for the other
  2. How do you measure the success factors of your implementation of the Social Media for the client?
  3. Apart from Branding and Messaging and Communication what else do you provide to the client?

These are a few of the list of questions I have on the Social Media consolidation front. And I feel its the time to answer these questions to stand apart and be able to “Find the needle for your clients, from the stack”!!

Happy Socializing and my wishes to all Social Animals on this new year!


Paritosh Sharma

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