Online Marketing is Calling…….

Every year millions of students pass out from their schools and colleges with dream to be a successful. Some wants to be a well known doctor, engineer or manager in some top MNC. They work hard to reach this stage where they can fulfill their dreams, but suddenly they realize that the economy is not favorable as entire world is facing recession, there all dreams shattered in a moment, some people are lucky enough to get their dream job not everyone is lucky so what to do now this is the biggest question they face, i have one solution, specially for Indian students, that there is one industry where good talent is very rare and where you can be benefited as first movers and that industry is known as online marketing industry.

So there rise a question what is so special about this industry? Does this industry do not suffer from the world wide depression, then the answer is yes this industry also suffers but with the rise and rise of internet and especially after the introduction of WEB2.0 such depressions hardly matters. For an example there are 1500 million users worldwide who uses internet and if you analyze them then you will realize that they are your potential customers and every industry wants to target right people and they will continue to invest to reach those people and then comes the role of online marketer expert, which you can become without any courses, just what you required is the open mind and intelligence (which i guess most of young Indian have), if you have both then no power can stop you to become a successful person not only professionally but also personally as you will be working with different culture and with different people.

Online Marketing also becomes very important when most of the economics are in crises Its evident that most of the companies are cutting their cost but to be functional every company still have to market themselves to generate more revenue to sustain the tough time. In this situation online marketing is very handy mostly due to the following reasons:

  1. Its cost effective (You choose how much you want to spend and if it’s not delivering desired result you can stop it any time)
  2. Its measurable (You can measure which ad is performing for you and modify or remove non performing ads)
  3. More reach than traditional marketing (You can target any country it becomes important when you operates globally)
  4. Its quick (Your ads will be functional within 15 mins)

Considering all this parameters one can say that this is the perfect media to market your product even when the markets are going down and everybody is looking to save their money.

Mind you this industry is very niche in India compared to other western countries like USA or UK but it has the potential to overtake all the countries because we have the greatest manpower, just we need to guide them properly then surely one day all the world will look towards India for their online marketing solutions.

So guys what are you waiting for, the online marketing is calling you. Go and grab the opportunity now!

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2 Responses to Online Marketing is Calling…….

  1. Rajeev says:


    I have a launched a website for Indian customers. This website
    Consolidates web site links of quality brands of products/services in Indian market
    Consolidates Offline as well as Online Deals Discounts Promotional Offers on different products/services in Indian market by different brands.
    Consolidates new products launched by different brands in Indian market.

    Target is to have all advertisements at one place so that consumers can find information at one place. But the problem is how to get offline advertisements.


  2. markez linda says:

    Can you provide more information on this?

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