Why Should You Attend OMCAR 2012?

The news doing rounds these days is that OMCAR 2012 is just around the corner! And, the subsequent question arising from it is ‘why should anyone attend OMCAR 2012’. Well, while the reasons are ‘to each his own’, there are a few things that would benefit every attendee!

At OMCAR 2012, an attendee shall get an inside look of how brands work in the social space and what have they been able to derive out of their social media endeavors. It also offers an excellent networking opportunity with online industry stalwarts which may otherwise be hard to reach, both during the conference and at the post-conference networking event.

Another reason why you must be there at OMCAR 2012 is to be abreast with the latest news and trends in the social space. So, if you want to learn about the scope of social media and digital marketing, OMCAR 2012 is the place you must be at. For students, it is a great place to grab placement opportunities with some of the biggest brands.

The main difference between OMCAR 2012 and other such conferences that makes it a must attend event for every social media enthusiast, marketing professional, entrepreneur, student agency professional, and brand manager is the fact that it is not a conference where agencies will come to blow their trumpet; rather, it is a platform where brands will themselves come to talk about their successes and failures with social media. So, if you are interested in gaining that ‘extra mile’ from knowledge or marketing perspective, come to OMCAR 2012 and you will not be disappointed!

OMCAR 2012 is not just for those who are related to the online marketing sphere either by aspiration or profession, it’s for everyone. How? It is where you can learn about how to use social media marketing for branding yourself for betterment of your career whether or not you are a digital marketing aspirant. Thus, you can learn about how to excel in the career of your choice by marketing your own self better!

So, if you are interested in knowing, exploring, or using social media for yourself or your business, come to OMCAR 2012 and take away some true value along!

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