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OM Careers brings OMCAR 2012. After the very successful OMCAR 2008 and 2009, itís time we take up another perspective, raise another question and seek answers.

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Online Marketing Careers!

OM (Online Marketing) is a process of marketing a service, a product or a brand through the Internet. There are various forms of online marketing - SEO, SEM, E Mail Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, (includes blogs, social networking, social bookmarking etc).

Today, world’s Internet penetration is close to 16%. With such a huge population on the net, businesses can no longer afford to ignore this medium. Online Marketing is finding a very important place in the budgets of all types of businesses, across the globe.

At the same time online marketing poses a unique set of challenges. One of the key challenges is lack of trained and experienced online marketing professionals. OM Careers is an online marketing careers community and it aims to deal with this challenge by empowering existing online marketing professionals in their careers and by attracting aspiring online professionals into this fast growing and lucrative industry.

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